Sunday, December 30, 2012


I had an unusual dream this morning with a clearly enunciated Sanskrit word.  Since linguistics is a hobby of sorts, this is not unusual, but I thought it was interesting.  It involved a sort of vehicle made of clay; it was the size of a small automobile.  Inside was another clay vessel shaped like a clay flower pot.  I knew that I could get inside this vehicle and cause it to levitate and travel by use of "praṇā."  When I looked this word up later, I saw that it can be roughly translated as "life force."  I think that the contemporary understanding of "praṇā" may itself be a corruption of some more ancient meaning, but the Judeo-Christian equivalent may be the "breath" that God breathed into Adam to bring him to life. The ancient Egyptian equivalent of this is ka. Probably the reason that I'm even dreaming of this is because of my Seth readings... Seth is very emphatic that we are alive, and continue to live, due to a "force" that originates from outside our framework (dimension), where are "entity" resides... we continue to exist, moment-to-moment, by virtue of this force (which I don't think he names).  Since this singular concept is easily recognized in at least three ancient sources, it apparently originates from an even more ancient source.

I have a hunch that the most ancient religions (specifically, Hinduism and Taoism) are a good source of "alternative" scientific knowledge because they are, in fact, based on a science from a civilization that predates our recorded history.  I personally have been very fascinated with ancient Hindu writings because they are strangely contemporary in a way that's hard to articulate.  Perhaps I will dream of some more Sanskrit words, maybe even a sentence or two.

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