Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Currently reading "Never Letting Go" by Mark Anthony

I grabbed the Kindle version of this book on sale recently.  When the book came out, Mr. Anthony gave the obligatory interviews on the paranormal circuit, most notably on "Coast," where he was first booked by George Noory, who thought he was the actor.

Now, officially, I'm skeptical of all public mediums. I think that there should be a steep threshold of proof for any person claiming to speak to one's dead relatives. After all, we expect this of living communications, don't we? I also think that we are in an age analogous to the turn of the last century, when Spiritualism was rife with fraud, and serious researchers had to dig through a lot of chaff to find a few grains of wheat.

Still, with all this, I think that Mr. Anthony's book is worth the read. I can't vouch for his accuracy as a medium, but he's a good writer, and he demonstrates a keen empathy for the people who he "reads." I also have no doubt that he is a good lawyer, someone who I would want on my side. He is a good listener with insight into the pitfalls of physical life. Would a successful lawyer give up a promising practice just to sell a few books and endure George Noory's bad lawyer jokes? A question worth pondering.

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