Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Return Of Edgar Cayce... channelled by C. Terry Cline. Is Cline actually channeling Edgar Cayce? I've read the bulk of the book. Of course, it's impossible to say for sure, but my hunch is that he isn't. I am beginning to believe that the bulk of channeled or "unofficial" information might be auto-generated by some sort of discarnate intelligence that is able to mimic the personality of individuals. The channel may be tapping into a data source "somewhere" that seems conscious, but isn't.

The bulk of channeled material that I've read seems strangely artificial and somewhat dull; it is almost like a conversation with a computer. To see what I mean, compare some of the dialogs with iPhone's Siri posted online, to the back-and-forth banter in "The Key.". It is highly intelligent, spookily intuitive, but there are subtle shadings that tell the careful observer that there's no human consciousness on the other end.

Channeled information is sometimes of high quality (as is Cline's book), but there are a number of glaring inconsistencies and errors in "The Return" that the "real" Edgar Cayce would not make. Not to mention the fact that Cayce, himself, wrote comparatively little: it was his "higher self" that generated the "readings," and this is what Cline is purporting to channel.

Anyway, I thought Edgar Cayce has been reincarnated as the apparently-alive David Wilcock.

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