Monday, April 16, 2012

An evolving UFO mythology

I just finished listening to a UFO researcher (can't remember his name, and it's probably irrelevant anyway) attempt to link the UFO phenomenon to the Gnostic belief in Archons.... updating it for the 'teens by borrowing Mac Tonies' term "cryptoterrestrial." He went on to say that these Archons appear quite human-like, with scaly skin (hence, the belief that they're reptilians), and they walk among us and head up a number of powerful corporate and governmental entities.

While I think that there's a "there" there (somewhere), I'm not sure how far anyone will be able to get by misapplying distorted religious imagery to a phenomenon that, so far, has resisted definition. But these speculations may be part of an evolving new religious philosophy--couched, for now, in the archaic language of long-dead beliefs.

The researcher cited Dulce, New Mexico as being a hotbed of Archonic activity (that name rings a bell for some reason) and indicated that Archons resemble Eurasians--which reminded me of the femme fatales in "Hair Of The Alien" (as well as the buxom alien that Ingo Swann reported saw in a supermarket).

I actually find these speculations easier to entertain that some of the more nuts-and-bolts beliefs, mostly because they seem to resonate with something--superstition, mythology, relics of ancient psychic archetypes--and they are testable somewhat. For now, though, I feel safer letting others do the testing.

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