Monday, January 16, 2012

Had a strange dream this morning

I dreamed that someone had detonated a nuclear weapon over a city in Florida--Jacksonville, I think. The weapon had been made by an American--not by a foreign terrorist. And the event was not reported in the American press; I had to learn about it from foreign news services, primarily the BBC.

So what would inspire such a dream? Well, I have been listening lately to some gloom-and-doom podcasts lately. One recent "Coast" astrologer (who claims near-perfect accuracy) believes that Israel will strike Iran near the end of this year.

I have had many dreams like this during times of world stress; in the Reagan years, I dreamed that the US had gone to war with the Soviet Union. During the last Iraq war, I dreamed that Bush had invaded Iran. (He certainly was planning to at the time of the dream, but he was prevented from doing so.) So this dream seems to fall into this category. I am hoping for some creative intervention into the current crisis with Iran, though
Zbigniew Brzezinski warns of a possible "October Surprise" from the Middle East.

There seems to be a deeper meaning in the dream, however. Right after 9/11, many Americans were convinced that a nuclear terrorist attack on an American city was imminent. Pundits, prognosticators, and politicians manipulated the American public with this fear, and it was one of the main justifications for the invasion on Iraq. Now, however, we have moved on to new fears, specifically, to a fear of a nuclear incident involving Israel, Pakistan, or Iran--way over there, in other words.

The dream seems to be saying, bluntly, that the United States is still in danger--not from the stereotypical "terrorist"--but from an American. And when the event happens, the American media will suppress information on it. We will have to learn about it from outside the US. As Kafkaesque as this seems, it is not so strange as to be impossible.


  1. U seem to be picking up on probable outcomes a lot. They are valid realities IMO and though not experienced can affect us even more than events we do experience. Last night (1/17/12) I had a very bizarre dream I just can't translate into words. I've had mass-shared dreams before, maybe you R more tuned-in to the mass psyche. Very interesting.

  2. I have developed such horrible insomnia in recent years that I don't remember my dreams that often. Before that, "something" seemed to be visiting me at 3 a.m. every morning (which also wrecked my sleep further). I have to take all sorts of things to get any sleep and this blacks me out too much to dream.