Monday, December 19, 2011

Thoughts on a couple of old podcasts

Finally got around to listening to a "Coast" interview with August Goforth. I have to confess that I was not persuaded by his story, although, if you read his reviews on, there are quite a few who are convinced that he is what what he says he is--a medium of profound ability who is able to conduct dialogs with his deceased partner. Not to say that such things can't happen--just that I haven't come across an account that I am convinced by. Primarily, the accounts by these various channels appear similar on the surface (lots of discussion about "levels" and "vibration" and whatnot), but they seem to contradict each other in fundament ways. And some accounts are flat-out absurd.

It's my contention that we should require a high burden of proof from individuals claiming to channel deceased or otherwise elevated beings.

Also of note, I listened to the Dreamland interview between Whitley Strieber and Dr. John Mack from 1999. I have a book or two from the late Dr. Mack; I thought they were okay, but I remember thinking that he was overly credulous in accepting the "experiencer" accounts at face value. But his '99 interview strikes me as remarkably prescient and advanced, even for today. He saw little distinction between the "grays" and the various earth spirits seem by indigenous people throughout history. He questioned the prevailing "abduction" narrative. Others have made these associations, but Dr. Mack somehow made it click into place for me. If, indeed, our planet is facing an existential crisis, it would make sense for these beings to become more obtrusive.

But as Strieber recounted his experiences, a light went off--and I thought of Jim Sparks. I realized that Sparks had essentially pirated Whitley Strieber's 90's-era abduction narrative for his book, "The Keepers." There were quite a few very specific similarities. (To his credit, Strieber was skeptical of Sparks's claims, although Linda Moulton Howe, not surprisingly, believed him.) His website is essentially unchanged from several years ago, after the Paracast outed him, and for a fee of $75 an hour, Mr. Sparks will be glad to talk to you about your abduction experiences. (Possibly you can get a more competitive rate from others if you shop around.)

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