Friday, December 2, 2011

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I have been wanting to blog about Jeff Ritzmann's experience with "Shroud Man" but I have been finding it difficult because I haven't been able to contextualize it. His encounters do not remind me of anything that I've read in contemporary paranormal literature; instead, they seem to harken to our society's pre-history, when humans frequently encountered and interacted with all sorts of spirits, gods, demons, angels. Histories of these encounters have survived as myths, legends, and religious scripture. These encounters became increasingly scarce with the development of contemporary society (roughly, around 4,000 BCE). I actually have a hypothesis of why these beings disappeared from our reality, but at the moment, it's too half-baked and tedious to recite here, and in any case I ought to listen to Paratopia 145 before I go too far out on my rhetorical limb.

But, my gut feeling about "Shroud Man" is that he is a sort of quasi-mythical entity, a non-human being that nonetheless seems almost human. He appears in myth as a stern teacher, an avenging angel, a sort of oxymoron that speaks in parables and instructs by stern example. Who, what such an entity could be, is totally a mystery to me. I think that we have lost the experiential vocabulary to describe and understand such beings. However.... it's clear from most mythic literature that our race frequently interacted with such entities in our pre-history (pre-writing, when histories were passed down through oral tradition). The fact that such beings are now reappearing, and are again seeking to instruct recalcitrant humans is, in my opinion, very significant. And it would behoove us to learn.


  1. Or...he could just be making it up.

  2. Greetings, Brother John...

    It has crossed my mind. Is it just a hunch, or do you have any info on it?

    (Also a Freemason.)