Thursday, November 24, 2011

Possible premonition of the Arab Spring

Back in '07, I purchased "Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?" by Jon Klimo and Pamela Heath. I bought this on a whim in '07 (along with the heavily discredited "The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race" by Jim Sparks). I expected little from the Klimo book--I'm skeptical of channeled material--but I perused it. And I made a mental note of something unusual that I found near the end of the book: A channel / medium indicated that "soon" (within the decade), a shift would occur in the Middle East that would change the consciousness of many in the Arab world, and there would be a turning away from terrorism. This has actually happened, quite dramatically. This change was inconceivable in '06 and '07. I would like to transcribe those sections and present them here. My main criterion for a "real" psychic / prophet / seer is that said seer actually predict the future, and in a dramatic way--none of the usual "there will be an earthquake somewhere in the world" kind of stuff. (By the way--John Hogue was wrong about the hurricane hitting Texas.)

Granted, my promiscuous plundering of various metaphysical texts is in no way scientific, critical, or even representative... But there is presently no formal methodology for studying stuff that doesn't fit into accepted categories of thought.

Unfortunately, there's no digital copy of this book (pirate or otherwise), so looks like I will have to physically transcribe any parts that I want to highlight... which, if they correspond to what I remember reading, will be worth the trouble.


  1. Hiya Ishmael, the book's available on googlebooks as a preview.

  2. Very good suggestion. I'm previewing now...