Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Thou shalt not violate."

I had originally planned to skim through the intro to "The Key," but I think that Whitley's exegesis is not all that bad. He highlights a statement purportedly made by the "Master," that sin is the "denial of the right to thrive." This reminded me of a statement by Seth, that a prime human directive is, "Thou shalt not violate." The principles implied by these statements are more nuanced than the absolutist prohibitions of mainstream belief systems.  But it also suggests that behind the distortions of religious beliefs, there were, at one time, fundament guidelines, clearly defined. Their original meaning, unfortunately, has been lost.

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  1. I like the way U worded this because I agree with it the way it sounds here, plus the idea behind it makes logical sense. I also agree w/Seth when he says "all killing is paid for." Now that statement could B twisted also by those who wanted to distort it, but in essence it makes a lot of sense also. I think it's just simply built-into the system. I've often wondered what happens to serial killers after they die.