Friday, October 7, 2011

A dream of the world, 200 years from now

October 13, 1994
This morning I dreamed that I was living, or visiting, a time 200 years in the future. The dream seemed to be a long one; I'm not sure when it began or ended. I seemed to be part of a group. We might have had some academic function. It seemed like there was a part of me that was present in the future century and "knew" all about it, while being aware of myself in this "past" century. I was looking at an atlas of the U.S. I don't think the U.S.A. existed as a nation anymore. There were regions, some of which corresponded to the old states, but mostly corresponding to geographical or historical aspects. I saw a little sliver of a state that was Tennessee; it was much smaller than it used to be, but I think it was in the same geographical area. I studied the Southeast below Tennessee for some time, trying to understand the map, and I finally realized that it was covered by a shallow sea. The remainder of the geography of the nation had also changed slightly. I was talking to someone from the past, I think, and I mentioned three dominant religions of the time; I can't remember them but none were religions that currently exist. Christianity had ceased. Toward the end I was reading a text that talked about this future time period. It was saying that there was a lot of work occurring that was aimed at restoring the environment and quality of life. Things had improved so much that those incarnated during this time refer to it as their favorite incarnation. It mentioned that animals were being directly incarnated, which resulted in an unusual spectacle.


  1. I'd B so interested to see more of your dreams for sure. I had an old friend die recently & he gave me some messages about an earthquake coming in the next 2 years, at the fault line near where Tennessee and Missouri and Kentucky, Arkansas and N. Mississippi intersect. I think the Miss. River is going to expand. I'm not big on doom & gloom stuff, but I think he is very concerned about it. I'm sure U were picking up on something just like what he's talking about.

  2. I've had a hunch that an earthquake is coming in this area in the near future; and this is also a scientific probability. I just did a search on "New Madrid Seismic Zone" and found that scientists still think that there is a danger of this occurring (though there's no way to pin down when). Of course, we all live in areas where there is a possibility that specific disasters will occur--earthquakes, floods, tornados, hurricanes. Science (wisely) avoids specific predictions, whereas public psychics prove themselves wrong over and over by forecasting disasters that never occur.

    I think that this is by design.  There seem to be barriers in place to control awareness of future mass events--to preserve free will.

    Foreshadowings still occur, however. Those who will be affected by a mass event are made aware on some level, so that preparations can be made.

    In my own experience as an example, I didn't dream of 9/11, or of Hurricane Katrina, or of many of the mass events that have impacted me personally. I did, however, dream of the Nashville flood of 2010--but because I thought that the dream was so improbable (Nashville? Flooded?) I didn't bother to record it.

    Yet, with all these qualifications, I will still go on record by saying that an earthquake in this region within the next two years is quite possible... mostly because of personal hunch. I think it's a probability.

    Predicting the world 200 years down the road is more iffy. There are so many probable futures. Even reputable, genuine seers adjust their forecasts because of shifting probabilities. Based on what I know now, I might predict a future envisioned by my dream. But I thought it was interesting that I had this dream in 1994--when I really wasn't thinking in these terms. The dream came out on nowhere and was so uncharacteristic that it made me think that I was seeing a valid, future framework.

  3. That's so fascinating, I'm gonna look that up in a minute myself. My recently deceased friend also wrote some articles in the last year of his life & I was shocked to see he said aliens visited him in south Texas when he was about 8 years old (he was never really into ET stuff when we were teenagers). It really surprised me that he had me pick up a book by Dolores Cannon randomly (The .Custodians) & I felt his hand take me to Pg 378 at very top & bottom of Pg 377 is where it starts, about the earthquake, that we'll "no longer have a line where the Miss. River was.." I think it's a very high chance, probably in April 2012 or Oct 2012, seeing there are solar eclipses right after those dates & earthquakes seem to happen around those. Have u ever read Psycho-Cybernetics by Maltz? I got a paperback of it recently, it's very good.

  4. No, unfortunately, I haven't read Psycho-Cybernetics. We probably ought to be prepared for some extreme geophysical events. I've certainly lived through some in the past couple of years.