Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Ghost Radar app

I just downloaded the Ghost Radar app for that iPhone; it's on multiple platforms. While it claims to measure "anomalous changes in the Quantum Flux," I think that it may just look for patterns from a random number generator... which is still intriguing, since there is some evidence that consciousness can affect random number generators. So while the app probably won't pick up any ghosts, it may show effects from the user's consciousness, which, if it does (and the reviews on the app's page as well as YouTube seem to suggest this), it would be a pretty nifty app. Which leads me to a more general speculation (and prediction) that as our electronic detectors become more sensitive and ubiquitous, we will finally be able to do what classic science insists that we do: measure, and show repeatability. In any case, it's a fun app.

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