Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fiona Apple and Nick Redfern

No, the title is not meant to mislead; I'm trying to save time by writing about two things. I am on a quest for Fiona Apple bootlegs. As various people online have noted, they aren't easy to find. (Any sort of bootlegs aren't easy to find.) By "easy," I mean "free," as bootlegs ought to be. No one should make money off them. I actually do have a one-of-a-kind Fiona Apple bootleg that no one else in the world has, because I recorded it myself. But I would like more of her stuff from ten years ago or so. It's out there. I just have to find it.

I got around to listening to the excellent Nick Redfern being interviewed by the equally excellent George Knapp on Coast To Coast. There aren't too many new ideas in UFOlogy, which is why I stopped paying attention to the field a decade or more ago, but Nick Redfern has one... his research into the "Collins Elite" highlights a strain in UFOlogical thought that associates UFOs with "demons." Particularly, he mentioned the concept that the beings who appear as "aliens" are actually inter-dimensional beings who harvest human souls (cattle genitalia was not specified). Whitley Strieber has mentioned this idea, as well as the link between Aleister Crowley with the birth of contemporary UFO sightings. The theory, in a nutshell, is that Crowley attempted to contact inter-dimensional beings, and he succeeded to such a degree that he opened a "portal" that allowed these entities to come through. It's an interesting idea, and I've never quite heard it articulated like this by other UFO researchers. The reason that I find it interesting is that I personally suspect that the universe (both physical and what we regard as non-physical) has quite a bit of consciousness crawling around it. There's certainly abundant anecdotal evidence of this. And if this is true, we're liable to encounter all sorts of paranormal entities from, practically, anywhere.

My personal gut feeling is that the manifestations that we call "greys" might be associated with mythological archetypes that our ancestors called "demons." The nature of the entities is unknown.

In my youth, my family and I had a number of UFO sightings. Much of the UFO literature during this time was neutral on the nature of these phenomena. Interestingly, though, the dreams (or rather nightmares) that I had concerning UFOs during this same period depicted these manifestations as distinctly malevolent (which is not the same thing as "evil").

Redfern also notes that the "Collins Elite" speculated that these entities sought to be perceived as "real"; that they could only manifest in our reality when we focused on them and "believed" in them--another Strieber idea.

Who knows? Perhaps in a couple of centuries, we humans might have advanced enough to haunt another reality and become "aliens" ourselves.

Now, having said all that--if you have any Fiona Apple bootlegs to trade, let me know.

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