Monday, December 13, 2010

"Dreamland" on the Gateway Experience

Just finished listening to the recent Whitley Strieber Dreamland with Marla Frees describing her experience at the Monroe Institute. Robert Monroe is, of course, the father of modern OOBE studies and truly one of the greats in paranormal research. I stumbled upon his "Journeys Out Of The Body" as a college freshman, and this as well as his later works had a major influence on my personal philosophy. His approach was objective, devoid of mystical mumbo-jumbo, and completely divorced from mainstream religious philosophies (the same qualities that attracted me to Robert Butts' calm commentary throughout the Seth material). I wonder if Whitley elaborates anywhere on his discussions with Monroe. According to Strieber, Monroe had a galley copy of "Communion," and while we aren't told exactly what Monroe thought of the book, he did warn Whitley that he was in serious trouble for publishing it because the US government was deeply involved in the UFO phenomenon.

This particular theme--government and/or military involvement with the UFO phenomenon--has been hijacked by the conspiracy and "disclosure" movements (deliberately, perhaps, to discredit it), but that doesn't mean it's not there. It's not unlikely. No thinking person of the Republicratic party can't help but look at our government and be just a little bit afraid right now.

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