Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raymond Moody on Coast To Coast and Dreamland

Caught Raymond Moody on "Coast To Coast" earlier, and am currently listening to him on "Dreamland." Everyone, of course, is familiar with his seminal works on "life after life," which I've read over the years. I also have some of his more obscure books. Despite the fact that he sounds like Dannion Brinkley (both are Southerners), I have always found him credible. Being a credentialed physician adds heft to his theories (although this academic gloss cannot begin to redeem Bruce Goldberg, Steven Greer and the like).

Dr. Moody has a unique and (IMO) important perspective on the NDE subject--he believes that within five years, we will be able to logically establish the validity of life after death; not by scientific evidence, but by a shift in thought and the employment of new logical methods and tools. Of course, where the mind goes, technology soon follows, so it may not be long before we develop the mechanical interface with this "other world." This is, I think, what Whitley Strieber is suggesting in his recent postings, and it agrees with what I've read by other credible thinkers.

This shift in awareness will, over time, fundamentally change not only our relationship with physical earth, but also with each other. What we will be left with is a direct connection with the greater reality that is, according to many thinkers, our true home. It can't happen soon enough, and if we are lucky, it will happen just in time. Here's my drop into the ocean of hope.

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