Friday, November 26, 2010

Intriguing EVP

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I came across an interesting and, potentially verifiable, bit of EVP. It can be found on Jeffrey Long's site, After Death Communication, which I regard as credible. I visit it several times a week. Dr. Long posts testimonials from people who have experienced what they consider to be communications from deceased relatives or loved ones. Accounts such as these are practically universal; taken alone, they are intriguing; taken together, the weight of their evidence almost compels any except the most materialistic skeptic that after-death communication exists.

What is interesting about Catherine's account and attached EVP is that it was apparently generated by the deceased and sent to Catherine via Yahoo! Messenger, from the decedent's Messenger account, after death. I know of no known example of this form of EVP occurring, with the resultant file available for the public to analyze. (Yes, I know all about Spiricom, but Spiricom has been debunked.) I've heard of individuals receiving after-death phone calls, and have heard of people receiving digital communications from the deceased, but again--I'm not aware of the files being made available for public analysis.

As an aside, Catherine states that she tried to contact prominent New Agers John Edward and Carolyn Myss with this information and was ignored.

I've tried to find what I can about the file by downloading some audio analysis software, but haven't been too successful. However, according to iTunes, the EVP is a 34 KB .mp3 file encoded at 32 kbps mono (low quality) with the author indicated as "adough_girl" (apparently, the Messenger account of the decedent). I don't use Yahoo! Messenger and am unfamiliar with the audio codecs used. I know that at one time, Messenger encoded (compressed) audio files with the DSP True Speech codec, but I honestly don't know.

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