Sunday, February 12, 2017

Is my cookie notice working?

So I let my blog lie dormant for a few weeks, only to return and discover that I, owner of said blog (well, not actually the "owner"), must now my advise my European readers that Blogger uses cookies. It would seem that with Russia in the east and Iran in the southeast, Europeans would have bigger fish to fry.  (Apologies to the European Russians. I would also apologize to the Iranians, but Blogger is probably blocked to them.)  Since I personally do not actually derive any benefit from these cookies, monetary or otherwise, I think that Google adding this warning to my blog(s) on my behalf is the very least that they can do, in exchange for the excellent content that I provide, which in turn drives their Adsense and facilitates in the collection of information from various "end users." And collect, they do. Not that there's anything wrong with that. That's why you click on the "I agree" button. Google collects *everything*. Which is okay. I guess. I like Google. I'm also fully aware that I'm being collected.

HOWEVER.... Google also advises me (in this case, as end user of Blogger services) that it is my responsibility to confirm, to wit:

[that] this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays.

This I cannot do, since, to paraphrase Nowhere Man, it's my policy never to read what I write. This notice, therefore, serves as my waiver of responsibility to verify the functionality of aforementioned Cookie Monster to Europeans (and possibly Iranians).

Regular post to follow.

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