Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Minor gods

I ran across an interesting Seth remark in Book 7 of "The Early Sessions" regarding "minor gods."  Seth indicates that these gods were actual psychological entities connected to our "identity."  Rather than being mythological stories or imaginary beings (or even psychological projections or archetypes), these "gods" are described as "real":

There are also portions connected with your identity, however, within other systems, and these are more advanced than your own psychological self. Again, I am speaking in your terms.  These can be compared in this context, you see, to minor gods, and your mythologies are full of these. They are also obviously in contact with All That Is. 
Some of these have been within your system, in your terms of continuity, and are now beyond it. They also represent your personal connection with All That Is. At times these personalities do aid their own and give instructions.

Seth mentions this in the context of an unusually cogent discussion of where "we" (as physically-focused consciousnesses) fit in the universal scheme; Seth reiterates a point that he makes throughout the books--that our individual human consciousness is a small part of a greater personality gestalt... That parts of us exists on many levels in many different realities.

I think that this point is validated in many (if not most) NDE accounts--the experiencer is suddenly overwhelmed by a realization that we are tangibly connected to beings that are "greater" than our human consciousness realizes. These beings--"angels," "guides," "helpers"--seem able to probe our innermost thoughts and know us better than we know ourselves.

I've always believed that ancient man was not so stupid as to worship beings that weren't "real."  Seth suggests an intercessory function for these beings: they are our personal connection to "All That Is" (God); they also provide aid "to their own."  Obviously, multiple generations of prehistoric humans would not waste all this worship on something that did not work, at least occasionally.

So does it still work?  Probably so. I have a hunch that many of the Marian visions--which are well documented--might fall into this category. And maybe--perhaps--some of the space "visitors" might be minor gods in contemporary garb. Obviously I'm oversimplifying the phenomenon.  There's probably an infinite variety of beings, consciousnesses, and personalities that interact with us in our physical world, and we should keep an open mind to stories of their interventions.

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