Sunday, February 8, 2015

Joe McMoneagle's "Mind Trek" is out on Kindle

But good luck finding it--it's not linked to the paper edition of the book.  And if you search for "Joe McMoneagle" on Amazon, only the paper books show up in the results.  Why?  Obviously, it's a conspiracy.  Someone doesn't want this information to get out.

I found the Kindle edition through my own back-channels and sources, which I won't (for now) disclose. However, at $5.99, it's a bargain. In "Mind Trek" McMoneagle discusses his NDE, as well as remote viewing of Mars. There is (or was) a Flash animation transcript of the RV session online which is quite intriguing. I've always wanted to have know more about this session, and now I can.

Also in Kindle format (and for a good price) are a couple of Ingo Swann books, including the infamous "Penetration," long out of print and very pricey.  Russell Targ has described "Penetration" as a work of fiction, and it probably is--though I suspect that there are some veridical elements in it.

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  1. I love McMoneagle's book and I thought he was very courageous to write it. I earned so much about the psychic field: past, present, and future from his work and it's probably the best book of it's kind. Thanks for blogging about him-