Monday, September 15, 2014

"It Will All Make Sense When You're Dead: Messages From Our Loved Ones in the Spirit World"

by Priscilla Keresey (Kindle Edition)

I have tended to be very skeptical of spirit mediums, at least, the contemporary, famous ones.  Actually, I still am, but Priscilla Keresey's book came highly recommended on  Based on this, I made several attempts to read it--I checked it out twice from Amazon Prime--but I finally finished it.  I haven't had a personal reading with Ms. Keresey, so I can't vouch for her abilities, but she has written the only mediumship book that makes any sense to me.

How is her book different?  Well, she finally *explains* the process of mediumship in a way that intelligible.  Keresey argues that everyone has mediumship ability, and how this ability manifests depends on each person's particular sensory inclination.  Those who are visually inclined tend to "see" spirit manifestations... those who are sensitive to sound will tend to "hear" spirit communications.  Tactile people "feel" spirit interactions.  As simplistic as this might sound, it makes sense.  I never understood how certain mediums were able to weave these complex verbal dialogs with various spirits, and to be honest, practically every medium that I've witness spent more time checking with the sitter rather than the spirit--cold reading.  But true mediumship works only when two conditions are met: you must have a practiced, experienced medium who has developed a refined a particular sensitivity, and you must have spirits willing and able to step forward and communicate.  It is a joint effort on the part of both worlds, and it works only when both sides makes a serious effort to communicate.

I personally believe in spirit communication.  I've had some significant experiences with it... I've seen it and I've felt it.  For me, it is real.  So it's not too big of a leap for me to accept the possiblity that trained mediums can cultivate communication along this line.  To me, this is the most fascinating part of the process--that people on the "other side" are able to travel a path back to our physical world, appear at a specific time, and communicate with us. This suggests an extraordinary level of planning, communication, and cooperation, particularly since "time" on the other side does not correspond to our physical time.  The spirit world seems to be quite adept at manipulating within our time structure... although it may suggest that what we perceive as "time" is actually (like the rest of our world) manufactured and quite relative.

There are a number of areas where I don't agree with Ms. Keresey.  She argues that, according to the information that she's received, there are no "levels" in the spirit world--no high or low... also, there is no punishment or accountability for misdeads while in the body.  I personally don't know if that's the case, since most of the literature argues otherwise; but Ms. Keresey--to her great credit--admits that, ultimately, she doesn't know.  We won't know, she says, until we're on the other side.

(In the meantime, I plan to err on the side of caution by trying to behave to the best of my ability.)

If you visit Ms. Keresey's website, you'll see a number of options for obtaining your own reading.  While her prices aren't cheap, they're not out-of-line for what she's offering.  She offers options for obtaining readings by email.  This option is personally tempting.  But I'm afraid to partake.  I've never met with a psychic, gone for regressive hypnosis, or had a reading.  Something (in addition to fear) seems to be stopping me from doing this; there's a barrier.  Until I'm prepared for an answer, I won't ask the question.  And life has taught me that it's generally best to not be warned about my future.

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