Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A mathematical (and Sethian) explanation for war

All Seth readers know that Seth, generally speaking, is "against" war... it would be uncouth to be otherwise.  Nonetheless, in Seth's universe, there are very few blacks-and-whites; Seth has no absolute philosophy in our terms, but rather layers of reasoning that inform and tussle with other layers.  Fundamentally,  Seth argues that all experiences are chosen by the greater personality--even war.  Societies choose war, and the inhabitants of a given country unconsciously know if war is imminent.  My precognitive dreams of impending wars--not only those that occurred, but also those that didn't--demonstrate this.  There are few surprises, except those that we choose.  So I was surprised to find this very intriguing observation in the middle of volume one of The Early Sessions:

"War does not exist on other planes. It exists on your plane as a byproduct of certain challenges which the creator-entities wished to solve through materialization."

If I understand this correctly, war was selected as an experience on our plane for a specific and important reason.  Seth does not divulge the reason.  (Later, in Seth Speaks, he predicts that wars would vanish as a human experience near the end of this century.)  However, today I stumbled upon something interesting:  "Intense warfare is the evolutionary driver of large complex societies," argues Psys.org.  You can read the whole article and the referenced research, but in a nutshell:

The study focuses on the interaction of ecology and geography as well as the spread of military innovations and predicts that selection for ultra-social institutions that allow for cooperation in huge groups of genetically unrelated individuals and large-scale complex states, is greater where warfare is more intense.

Perhaps the challenge was a method for causing a genetically diverse human populations to cooperate sufficiently to form "complex" states.  This result could have been achieved by other means, but the "creator-entities"--knowing that life and death are, fundamentally, illusions--chose war as the most expedient path.

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