Sunday, June 30, 2013

A recent experience

I'm at the stage of life where I attend funerals rather than weddings. So last week was devoted to the memorial of someone I've known for many years. Prior to the passing, I was awakened at about four a.m. by the very real sensation of someone rubbing my right hand. The sensation was enough to pull me from a very deep sleep and scare me. I later learned the decedent's daughter had an almost identical experience at exactly the same time: she was awakened by the sensation of a hand rubbing her shoulder. We don't really know who had visited us, but I suspect it was the decedent, who was pass away later that evening.

My reason for suspecting the decedent is simple: it was a physical sensation. Encounters with individuals who have passed on (and graduated beyond the near-physical plane) are almost always non-tactile.

A simple, unremarkable experience... Millions have had the same experience. Still, how is it possible to "feel" something that's not physically there?  A simple question, not often asked, but it has profound implications. What, indeed, is doing

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