Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another book I can recommend...

Despite its New Agey title and surface premise, "Lessons From The Light" is a modest little book that contains quite a bit of wisdom. Written primarily by Myra Starr, with help from John Mulkey, it describes her out-of-body Shamanic initiation by various guides over several years following an NDE. As improbable as this might sound, Myra is fairly understated and modest as she unfolds the lessons she learns along her particular path, which corresponds to quite a bit that I've personally learned. It reminds me of a book that I read many moons ago, "Agartha." Myra's story is exceptionally well-told and is the perfect antidote to all of the "me-too" copycat drivel written by psychic celebrities--you know, the ones who charge you big bucks for assorted "readings." I searched high and low, but I can't find a website for Myra Starr--or, for co-writer. Her book is only $.99 for the Kindle version, so she's basically giving it away. So I am happy to endorse her work for any stoppers-by who are in the market for contemporary New Thought.

I'm finding that the best books along this line are either very inexpensive, or free. I have yet to spring the full $9.99 agency price for similar books by major publishers. Despite the problems in the publishing world, there are a surprising number of New Agey books out there at this price. Not that I'm against paying what something is worth... But I've sampled a few of 'em and am not very impressed with them. I think that this is where the ancient art of "discernment" comes in--something that I'm being forced to become more skilled at as continue my immersive reading in NDE literature.


  1. I got this on my Kindle & though it's hard 4 me to relate to her sometimes I feel strongly she's on the right path 4 her. I like what she said about crystals/gemstones-very good info. I've only gotten to the part about breathing techniques so far. I'm glad U recommended it tho. Do give more book recommendations U find-these are real good ones.

  2. I finished Lessons from the Light last night. I have to say I've changed my mind about the book. I wouldn't recommend this. I like where she's coming from up to the breathing techniques, though the book is poorly put together IMO. I don't like the thoughts implied throughout that if U don't think like the author thinks, then U can hang it up. It's way too Christianized for me, & after the breathing techniques it turns into New Agey dribble that goes on & on about nothing. Also implied is if U use critical thinking or analyzing too much, you're just not spiritual. This was full of unanalyzed beliefs & shocking incoherence. I enjoyed Elsa Barker's book tremendously but this one, I could've done without reading.