Friday, September 16, 2011

Some final thoughts on Dr. Gary Schwartz's 'The Sacred Promise'

I noticed that Dr. Schwartz will be appearing on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland, so I thought I'd offer up some thoughts on 'The Sacred Promise'--which, I think, I promised to do once I finished the book.

Short answer: It works. Following the basic premises of Dr. Schwartz's method, which I tested on many occasions in recent weeks, I received enough proof to convince me that "Spirit" seems quite real, and will tangibly intervene when asked. I won't go into detail (lack of time), but if you are receptive to this type of inquiry, I would encourage you to get the book and try it out for yourself.

The big questions, for me, are... Why?  How?  Why now?  Is it really that simple--asking Spirit for assistance, and tangibly receiving it?  If so, why now, and not in the countless millennia of human struggle and wretchedness?  Where has Spirit been through all that?

Big questions, but I have a small, tentative hypothesis, one I've developed in recent years. I believe that the human race is entering a historic period--now--that, if successful, promises a convergence of what we now regard as "Spirit" with what we call "science." Science is beginning to develop the sophistication and accuracy sufficient to detect worlds that appear invisible, while the Spirit world--indeed, the larger "unknown" reality--is intervening in the physical world in increasingly bold ways. Books such as "The Sacred Promise" are really the first fruits of this synthesis of the two contrasting world views.

The promise of such a synthesis is so potentially rewarding--while a failure would be so cataclysmic--that, in my opinion, our customary rules of consensus reality are being bent slightly, to allow this opportunity for engagement.


  1. Shirley MacLaine has interview Dr. Schwartz four times now since around 2004 or so I believe. I've listened to all 4 interviews, U may enjoy hearing them. I think the first interview also included his wife. They were intriguing. I have his book The Living Energy Universe & it was good. I'm leery though of all these books though having purchased so many & gotten so little from them. At least he's looking towards a future synthesis of science & spirit, the only way in my opinion, to a greater future for us.

  2. When I started the book I decided that I would test his basic premises and report the result--pro or con. Ultimately, it worked, for me. Was it because it was "me" doing the testing? Would it fail for others? I don't know. I've personally tested several metaphysical methods and paths. Usually, they succeed in the short term, but they tend to devolve over time. Dr. Schwartz's method might; or might not. In science, failure is simply another step toward arriving at a greater truth. His premise is sufficiently intriguing to test.

  3. I read a sample on my Kindle last night of this book. I'm gonna buy it & test it 4 myself & I'll let u know if it works 4 me or not. I've always been so interested in the metaphysical paths of all kinds, Cayce was an early favorite and of course Jane Roberts. I did like his earlier book so I'll give this a try. I trust your recommendations. What else do u think is good in the vein of books or podcasts?