Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pocket podcast review: Jeremy Vaeni

Culture Of Contact, 10/23/07: Guest: Jeff Ritzmann. thumbs up
I'm a late-comer to Jeremy's podcast... I'd been reading his column in UFO Magazine for quite a while. Not sure how I found out that he had a podcast; I think another writer mentioned it. (Jeremy is so modest.) I have a hunch that increasing numbers of people are stumbling upon it, though, and deservedly so. It's among the best, if not, the best. Spotted with silly but witty humor, almost--dare I say it?--Dadaesque (my highest compliment). He asks better questions than Art, is more spontaneous and insightful than George, and does not devolve into self-indulgent, pseudo-intellectual rants like his buddies at the Paracast. The Jeff Ritzmann series is classic. Has Ritzmann written a book? He should, if he hasn't. He describes come of the most riveting tales of High Strangeness outside of Whitley Strieber's early books, and with more believability. (Not saying that I disbelieve Whitley Strieber; it's just that I believe Ritzmann more. Give him a listen--you'll see why.)

How do you describe an experiences that transcend our space-time framework and our current material paradigm? You really can't... but Jeff Ritzmann tries to, and damn near succeeds.

I haven't finished listening to the second podcast, but I do have a question that I have been pondering for about twenty years.... At what point did Human Abduction Syndrome cases become linked with the trappings of the classic UFO field? I'm not talking about the Travis Walton case... not talking about the Pascagoula, MS case of '73 (which I remember well). I'm talking Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and the late great John Mack. Those cases. Ritzmann convinces me that what he is experiencing almost cannot come from a physical scout party from another solar system "studying" Earth. It must come from somewhere stranger, and closer... and possibly, from an aspect of our human reality that has not yet been integrated into consciousness. As Jane Roberts/Seth said, we exist simultaneously on many dimensions, many planes, and what we consciously accept as our temporal consciousness is just a small sliver of our greater being. Ritzmann peaks at the man behind the curtain and shows us a bit of what else is out there.

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