Monday, June 16, 2008

Pocket radio show review: Tracy Torme

Coast to Coast, 04/09/08. Guest: Tracy Torme. thumbs up
Tracy Torme is from what I regard as the "brick-and-mortar" school of UFOlogy: fact centered, with a quasi-scientific bent, and a dispassionate weighing of the evidence. There's really nothing wrong with that. His inclinations lead him to some interesting conclusions: He regards the Roswell crash as probably terrestrial in origin (Mogol balloon), yet he accepts Bud Hopkins' hypnotic regression work as prima facia evidence of hostile "alien" genetic experimentation. Tracy has been involved in the field for a while. I still have a transcript of a chat session that he did on CompuServe from the early days of the 'net. Bonus: Travis Walton is brought into the show briefly. I did drop my jaw when George Noory asked Tracy, "Are you related to Mel Torme?"

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