Monday, March 13, 2006

A dream I had in April, 1990

I dreamed that I and a group of people were walking over my parents' property, which I think I had inherited. This group seemed to be involved in an official inquiry into how I was taking care of the land, in an ecological sense. I wasn't concerned, since I am conservation-minded. We seemed to be walking over the property. When we came to the line, we discovered that for some reason all energy production had shut down. The national infrastructure had collapsed. The group was isolated and had to begin governing itself.

I seemed to be in a room, and the lamp was flickering because of the energy being depleted. I showed someone my solar watch which with I hoped to use to keep track of time.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dream that I had in 1987

This morning I dreamed that I was preparing for the axis shift. I was at my parents' house. I decided to pack my most essential items into a backpack. I started packing my blue backpack first and was able to put my photo albums in it, but I did not have room for my sleeping bag. I believe that the seams began to burst. I then began packing my material into an old green backpack that was nearby. I do not think that I got everything in it.

Next, I went walking down the creek into the woods. Earlier, I had envisioned how I could set a fence around my parents' property. I had discarded that idea, however, as unworkable. I next came to a river. All electricity was off all throughout the U.S., and no vehicles were able to operate. There was a danger from the skies; enemy aircraft of some sort. I and several other people, however, had managed to procure a boat (or some other vehicle) that still worked. We were traveling up a river to Canada, where we thought it would be safe. Someone had warned us, however, that the enemy aircraft would still be able to find us.