Friday, January 2, 2009

Death to Journalspace?

I read the news today.... per Slashdot, Journalspace has died due to a "failed backup." Supposedly, the database containing the posts (and, presumably, user information, plus paid subscriber stuff) was "overwritten" and the only backup was a mirror that was likewise overwritten. (Much of the Slashdot article was devoted to geeky fulminations against using a mirror as a backup.)

Personally, I think it was deliberate. Per the farewell posting, Journalspace will not rule out sabotage. But my inner, small voice tells me that it was an inside job... a polite exit, with plausible deniability. Based on a smattering of postings from Journalspace expatriates that I grazed this afternoon, the site was having a difficult time of late, with lots of downtime. The site had lost a lot of users for this reason alone.

Went to Wikipedia... and Journalspace did not even merit an entry there; one had been penned in 2006, but was deleted because, I think (in Wikipedia-speak), Journalspace was too unimportant.

Well, this is sad, in a way. I was there, briefly, three years ago, under the nom de plum of "damnedged4life." I got a few readers. I actually thought that the site was the best blogging forum extant. Most of the posters were high-quality, literate, and quite a contrast from the usual dreck that you might find on, say, Blogger or LiveJournal. But I took everything down and left. I didn't think I belonged there. It was too claustrophobic. Strange as it may sound, I don't enjoy being read very much. I much prefer to be ignored. And I was getting read a bit too much for my comfort there. (Fortunately, this problem doesn't exist on Blogger.)

However... for a good writer with something to say, Journalspace was the best. Sad that the admins and owners let it go to seed.

So, here's a tip of the hat to ya, Journalspace.

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