Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Springtime for Bush

In August of 2004, I logged on to AOL and was greeted by the following item:

A George W. Bush action figure. Only a year into Iraqi Freedom, but the sheen had already left that misadventure. AOL had not gotten the word, however. (And still hasn't, actually.) I made a screen shot to preserve this particular cultural artifact.

It would be easy to mock this peculiar Rovian exhibitionism, but it appears that while AOL was politically insensitive to the many opponents of the Iraq war as well as the growing number of dead, they recognized this as a definite collectible. eBay is currently listing Mr. Bush for $31, with three bids and four more days to go.

Ten years from now, it will end up in a chapter called "Neo-Conservative Kitsch." Swastika swizzle sticks, anyone?

1 comment:

  1. satire is the most incisive comment on current politics. anything else would be redundant and inadequate. good find.