Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dream this morning

Civilization was gradually collapsing from some unknown cause. People were leaving, but it wasn't a frantic process. We had stopped at a store to pick up some things. There was a buffet line on the second floor; we were walking across; the floor seemed rickety. I did now know how long the food line would be open, or what we would do when supplies were exhausted.

What does the dream mean? I'm not sure; I simply know that it's been a recurring dream of mine for over twenty years. I was reading about how, two years after Hurricane Katrina, there are large swaths of New Orleans that have not been rebuilt. Americans seem to have learned that, while their government is very efficient at declaring wars against third-world countries, it cannot provide the essential needs of its citizens in a time of crisis. What we prefer not to think about, however, is how likely such a crisis is bound to strike, either a community, or a nation.

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