Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More than disappearing bees...

I could not help but notice two online articles buried in the "oddly enough" sections commenting on strange, bee behavior. We know that honeybees worldwide are disappearing at alarming rates (the so-called colony collapse phenomenon).

The first article, from Reuters...

LONDON (Reuters) - A passenger plane was forced to land after flying into a swarm of British bees Thursday.

The Palmair Boeing 737, with 90 passengers on board, had to return to Bournemouth Airport in southern England shortly after take-off following an engine surge.

The pilot decided to abort the flight to Faro in Portugal and returned for safety checks. The plane's engine was thought to have become clogged with bees, the company said Friday.

Huge clouds of bees have been seen around Bournemouth over the past few days, a spokeswoman said.

I made a mental note of the article... and then saw another one today, from MSNBC (a site that I rarely visit):

LIGONIER, Ind. - A swarm of honeybees temporarily disrupted a charity fundraising event, but no one reported being stung.

Authorities evacuated the area Saturday after the swarm of about 3,000 bees emerged from the woods around the West Noble High School football field, where 700 people were participating in a fundraising walk for the American Cancer Society.

So it appears that the honeybees that aren't disappearing are behaving in a very erratic fashion; it almost reminds me of the movie "The Birds," except that it's not very funny, and probably belongs a bit above the media radar.

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