Saturday, June 17, 2006

the woman in the nursing home who said she knew me

After I had been there for thirty or so minutes, she walked up to me. She had been watching me for some time. I thought she was familiar, but I could not place her. I tried to remember if I had seen her the last time she visited. But she walked up to me and placed her hands on my face, and mumbled something like, "I remember you." And she said something about how she knew me. She told me her name. I took her photograph. She seems familiar, but I do not know her. So it is bothering me. Was she demented, and perhaps knew me from another time? Or did she know me from my former life as a minister? That was almost thirty years ago. She seems familiar, but I cannot remember.

I still could not find C's house. I have her address... I kicked myself for not looking it up before I drove. She has not given me any landmarks.

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