Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Each effect creates its own causes"

Throughout the early morning, I drifted in a half-sleep, half-awake state. I was pondering the question of "the observer effect." In my dream state, I was thinking of some of the cutting-edge experiments in quantum mechanics; though I can't cite the specific experiment, I had remembered Russell Targ discussing remote viewing experiments where future targets were remotely viewed and correctly identified, before the targets had even been selected, through a double-blind process.

And the dream said, "Each effect creates its own cause." Essentially, time does not exist as an absolute rule, and so a portion of events exists outside of time. But an event is able to reach into the "past" and create the causes necessary to bring about its reality.

Hence, the effect is "first," and the causes are created subsequently. This, I was given to understand, explained the "observer effect," and it also explained how remote viewers were able to correctly ascertain the identity of targets prior to their selection.

Through our linear prism of time, such an occurrence is impossible. But in the dream state, it made brilliant, lucid sense.

Blgger A Future Ghost

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