Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dream that I had in 1987

This morning I dreamed that I was preparing for the axis shift. I was at my parents' house. I decided to pack my most essential items into a backpack. I started packing my blue backpack first and was able to put my photo albums in it, but I did not have room for my sleeping bag. I believe that the seams began to burst. I then began packing my material into an old green backpack that was nearby. I do not think that I got everything in it.

Next, I went walking down the creek into the woods. Earlier, I had envisioned how I could set a fence around my parents' property. I had discarded that idea, however, as unworkable. I next came to a river. All electricity was off all throughout the U.S., and no vehicles were able to operate. There was a danger from the skies; enemy aircraft of some sort. I and several other people, however, had managed to procure a boat (or some other vehicle) that still worked. We were traveling up a river to Canada, where we thought it would be safe. Someone had warned us, however, that the enemy aircraft would still be able to find us.

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