Monday, February 6, 2006

My brief fling with ghost-hunting

another strange light
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During my indiscrete youth, I got a wild hair and decided to go ghost-hunting. I think the instigation was some television show I had seen. The protagonists had placed a running tape recorder in a cemetery at night, left it. When they went to retrieve it, they found ghostly voices on the tape. "Worth a try," my 20-year-old mind thought.

And so one night I went, to a cemetery down the road. I don't remember if I took my tape recorder, but I brought my camera. I made several shots of gravestones. After spending several minutes, my brother and I decided that it was probably best to leave. We hopped in my car and I tried to back out--only to discover that I was stuck. A bit concerned, I tried rocking the transmission from reverse to forward. Suddenly, the "hot" warning light came on.

After assessing the situation, my brother and I hiked to a house down the road and knocked on the door. A older lady warily answered. Against her better judgement, she let us both in to borrow the phone; she later said that she normally didn't let strangers in the house. But as we talked further, I learned that she was in fact a close relative. I wish, now, I could remember who she was.

My father arrived shortly and explained that my engine had simply overheated; there was no sinister causality. When I developed the roll of photos, I was disappointed to find that the shots taken at the cemetery did not develop; they were underexposed. However, I noticed some strange lights on the shots immediately before and after the cemetery shots. Above is one of them; they appear, vaguely, to resemble eyes. I am convinced that "something" either impressed the images on the negative, or something followed me home.

I returned to this cemetery only several other times... when my grandparents were buried, and when my mother was buried.

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