Sunday, February 5, 2006

Dream this morning

I was back in Rhode Island, at my childhood home, incongruously. I barely remember it, but there I was. It was different, of course, than as I barely remember it. I have a few photos that I was given, and others that I borrowed and had copies made. It is all I have of my past, and so my memory is piecemeal. In the dream, my house faced a large field. I was looking out the window toward this field, and a violent storm was rapidly approaching. I am reminded of the photos of hurricane Katrana. I went inside to warn everyone of its approach. I quickly disconnected all of my electronic devices (while connecting my phone to the charger). A part of me wondered whether the house would even survive this storm.

A classical psychologist might find some subconscious meaning in this dream, and perhaps there is, but I also see warnings of the consequences of climate change in it. Several years ago, I might have interpreted such a dream as a "warning of climate change," but there is no need to warn of such a thing now--climate change is upon us. We now must deal with the consequences.

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