Friday, February 3, 2006

Caught a ghost while photographing a rainbow

Strange, ghostly image
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I am largely an instinctive photographer; I don't have the technical skills that even an advanced amateur might have. But I've been lucky. I simply follow my hunches. On an autumn day in 1996, I saw a rainbow and ran to get my Canon AE-1 to take a shot of it while it lasted. You might say that I "felt" something; or, perhaps, something impelled me to retrieve the camera. I saw nothing while taking the shot, or at least, I remember seeing nothing.

When I got the prints back, I noticed the odd light and immediately assumed that the negative had gotten bent during processing. But it wasn't so; examining it, I saw that it was undamaged.

As I studied the strange light I had captured, I realized that it was "real"; it obscures the trees in the background. While it might have been lens flair, my hunch is that it's not. It doesn't look like lens flair.

I live in haunted woods, and I've felt a presence ever since moving here. It has not bothered me, except at night; I will not walk the road here without sunlight. But more and more, I am no longer afraid even at night.

The feeling is an intense sense of being watched. Others have felt it and have volunteered their stories without knowing mine. There is something definitely here. I do not know if it's a discarnate being, ghost, non-human intelligence, or earth spirit. But I am no longer afraid of it.

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